What are the “cookies”?

„Cookies“ are small data files used as unique identifiers. Each cookie is unique to your web browser. The cookie contains anonymous information and is sent from the server of the website you are browsing to your computer or mobile phone. It is stored on your device and only this server is able to search for or retrieve the contents of this cookie. The stored cookies can be sent back to the servers of websites with updated data during your browsing the websites. The vast majority of websites use cookies for their activities. Cookies may be placed by the websites you visit („our cookies“) or may be placed by a subject that does not own the website you are browsing („third-party cookies“). For example, they may be placed by other websites that run content on the page you’re browsing, or by an independent analytics company. The websites you visit may also include content embedded from other websites, and these websites may also place their own cookies. Websites may use third-party ad networks to provide targeted advertising. These cookies may include also the option to track your browsing of various sites.

How the cookies are classified

Cookies can be classified according to who places them on the website, e. g.:

  • First-party cookie – their validity is limited to the domain of the website you are browsing. These cookies are considered more secure.
  • Third-party cookies – are placed using a script from another domain. These allow users to be tracked across domains. They are often used to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising channels.

This website uses following two types of cookies:

  • Short-term, session cookies – session cookies are stored only temporarily during a browsing session and are deleted from your device after closing the browser.
  • Long-term, persistent cookies – This type of cookies is stored on your computer for a fixed period of time, which depends on your browser settings and cookie settings (usually a month, year or more) and these cookies are not deleted after closing the browser. Persistent cookies are used to identify you in individual browsing sessions, for example to save your preferences so that they are remembered for your next visit. You can also delete them manually.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to improve your user experience by allowing websites to identify you, either for the duration of your visit (using session cookies) or for repeat visits (using persistent cookies). The cookies we use may:

  • be essential for your navigation in the website or its certain basic functions; or
  • improve the functionality of our website, for example by saving your preferences. They record your preferences (such as your username or language of choice) and allow us to provide a personalized environment; or
  • help us improve the performance of our website so as to offer you a better user experience. The information provided by these cookies is anonymous and helps us understand how our visitors use our website so that we can improve the presentation of our content. In general, these services are provided by independent measurement and research companies, so these cookies may be third-party cookies.

If we did not use cookies, our website would consider you a new visitor every time you visit a new page of our website – for example, if you enter your login details and go to the next page, they would not recognize you and you would not be able to stay logged in. We need to use cookies in order to maintain the effectiveness of our website and to provide you with a user-friendly environment. Therefore, in particular, it is not possible to block the necessary technical cookies separately, and by continuing in browsing our website and using our on-line services, you agree that we may place these cookies on your device. Our website also uses cookies for behaviourally targeted advertising, which allows us to customize the advertisement and ensure that it is relevant to you, based on the areas you visit on our website and the geographical location of your IP address. These cookies are placed by third-party advertising networks with our consent.

What we use cookies for

We use following cookies on our website:

  • Necessary cookies – of first-party type, short-term ones. They ensure the basic technical functionality of the website, e. g. logging in, remembering settings, using services, etc.
  • Analytical cookies (e. g. Google Analytics) – of first-party type, long-term ones. They are used to generate anonymous statistics about website usage.
  • Marketing cookies – of first- and third-party type. They are used for behavioural targeting of advertising based on specific interests. When an ad needs to be displayed (as the main revenue for the site and its content creation), let users / readers see such offers that may be really interesting for them.
  • Functional cookies – of first-party type, short-term and long-term ones. They make it easier for the visitor to browse, for example by storing language preferences, etc.

Important: We never place sensitive or personal data in cookies. None of the cookies created by us leads to individual identification of the user / reader; the collected data are anonymous.

Third-party websites

If you use our partners‘ websites, cookies may be placed by the websites you visit. We do not operate these websites and therefore we have no control over the distribution of these cookies. You can find more information about these cookies on the website of the relevant third party.

How to change the settings for cookie usage on your device

If you want to modify your cookie usage settings on this page in any way, click on the bar at the bottom of the page and go to the Settings tab, where you can freely enable/disable individual cookies.

Which cookies do we use?

All cookies listed below are used only for the purposes listed in the table.

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